Monday, April 21, 2008

The World's Pickiest Eater

(original date 2/22/08)
I thought my older 3 children were picky eaters.  But they have nothing on Devin!  This boy is the world's pickiest eater! 

I was so happy to be finished with formula on Devin's first birthday.  For a few days I mixed the formula with whole milk.  He gulped that down without a flinch from his little baby body.  So, on his birthday I poured him a big old sippy cup full of milk.  He took one sip and threw that bottle down.  I tried again and again but every bottle was hurled against the cold tile floor.  At the suggestion of a friend I tried soy milk.  Eureka!  It seems Devin prefers beans rather than Bessie the cow.

I also began trying to get him to eat the 3rd stage of baby food.  That was also a no go.  I believe that Devin feels he doesn't have time for all that chewing.  He prefers food that he can drink through a straw.  His 7 new baby teeth are not being utilized!

Food that Devin won't touch no matter what kind of airplane noise you make:
mashed potatoes (I can't blame him for that one, I won't eat them either!)
He will eat all of the above if he is in a good mood, and if you process the crap out of it!

Here is Devin's menu:
soy milk
rice cereal
crackers, especially gold fish

I have found a great website that I hope will give me the resources to expand Devin's cuisine.  Snacks For Toddlers has divided up food ideas from snacks, fun with fruit, and packed lunch boredom.  They even have a blog, of course!  I think for Devin's lunch I will try cheesy fingers with a banana smoothy.  Wish me luck!

Here's the D man trying grapes for the first time.  I sliced the roly poly fruit into little bitty pieces to keep the little guy from choking.  Yeah, something else he will eat!

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