Monday, April 21, 2008

Tim, I'm Coming!

(original post 3/3/08)
45 minutes until I leave for Tim.  I've done my make-up, my clothes are laid out, and I even have new jewlery for the occassion.  My look is complete.  Do you approve?  But the weather has turned cold and I don't have a cute jacket.   Oh well, you can't be beautiful all the time now can you?  I wouldn't want to make Faith feel bad, now would I?

Why am I so excited?  Why does this concert make me all giddy?  It could be because I get to spend some adult time with my man.  It could be because I get to go see my other man sing.  It could be because I have new jewlery.  But the real reason is because I don't get out much!  I mean I really, really don't get out much!

Only 42 more minutes!

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