Monday, April 21, 2008

Jason Wants A New Sister

(original post 4/11/08)

Tomorrow Jason is meeting his blog Icon.  Bossy is coming to stay.  I don't remember him being this excited since the time we told our 6 year old brother to tell our father he was going through puberty!

I fear I'm being replaced for an older model.  (Sorry Bossy)  I don't understand how Jason could give up all this ------------------------->

We've had some good times haven't we, dear brother? 

Remember the time we threw mystery meatballs at each other across the dinner table?

How about the times we stood shivering in the cold while we watched Dad partake in the sacred ritual of beheading chickens.  The confetti of blood was great fun, wasn't it?

We are handy together.  When we were faced with a flat tire we did what every sister and gay brother would do.  We pulled to the side of the road and worked on our tans while we waited for our stronger, and younger brother to arrive and change the tire. 

So, big brother.  Just remember as Bossy bores you while talking about herself in the 3rd person, I've always been there for you.  I've loved you forever.  Even back when you wore velor and polyester vests.  I've always thought you were cool!  Including the unfortunate time in your life the Green Bitch was your mode of transportation.  Yeah, you were awesome.  I've loved you since the beginning of our time together as young, spry children and I continue to love you in spite of the gross aging process.

Jason, I hope you have a good time housing Bossy.  I wish you all the happiness.  But please, as you wrap your freakishly long arms around one of the most famous bloggers in internetdom (I just made up that word) think of me.  The sister that encouraged you to begin your blogging career.  Without me, you would have never met Bossy!

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