Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Me Or Your Truck

(original post 4/3/08)

John has always wanted to own a truck.  When it was decided he could indeed afford his dream truck, he spent the next year researching, studying, talking, and shopping for.  The search for the perfect truck became an obsession.  In fact, there came a point I finally told him he was not to return home until he had purchased his truck.  John came home with his brand new Toyota Tacoma about 2 years ago.  When he walked in the door he handed me the keys and told me to go for a drive.  I thought it was so sweet that he would want my opinion on his truck and he trusted me to drive his prized possession he had worked so hard for.  Well, since that time I have only driven the truck a handful of times!  No one is allowed to drive his baby!  Sometimes I ask John if I can take the Tacoma just to see him squirm.  It is almost as fun as watching people eat my meatloaf cupcakes.

My man is now gone on a trip.  But lookee here, what has he left behind?  Did he mean to leave his keys?  Did he think I might want to drive his truck so he left them?

Does John want me to take care of his car until his return? Am I
trustworthy enough to drive his beloved vehicle while he's away?  Would
I?  Could I? Where should I go?  What should I do?  The options are limitless! 

See how pretty and shiny John's truck is?   This beautiful automotive deserves to be seen.  It NEEDS to be used.  It is far to pretty to be left in the garage!  It wants to be driven around!  It NEEDS me!

Where should  I go?  What should I do?

Zoe does need to see the vet.  It would be so easy to put her in the back of the truck and her the 10 miles to the Dr.  She would LOVE to feel the wind on her ears and wind blowing past her tongue!  Yes, I could take her to the vet!  I should take her to the vet!

I do need diapers and baby wipes.  A nice roomy truck is perfect for transporting baby products.  A trip to the store may be necessary.  Yes, I could go to Target!  I should go to Target!

I may get thirsty on my journey.  I will need to drink my favorite beverage as I drive the Toyota.  Just don't tell John.  He doesn't like me to drink soda in his car.  It may have something to do with the time that my Dr. Pepper exploded in his truck.  But that is the Dr. Pepper experience of which we do not talk about.  But I may get thirsty as I'm driving.  I could drink my soda!  I could drink my soda!

After much deliberation I have decided to leave the truck left in the garage.  After all, I do want John to be happy.  And I value my marriage to much to risk it by driving John's illegitimate half ton child. 

I miss my husband.  My husband misses his truck.

Next up:  John's ATV, baby!

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