Monday, April 28, 2008

He Says, "Yeah!"

Devin said his first word on Christmas morning.  John wanted to go get something out of our bedroom and the children wanted him to stay so they could open their Christmas presents.  They were all yelling, "Dad!"  To our surprise Devin also yelled out, "Dad!"  Over the next few days he would say Dad, but since then he has stopped saying his name.

The past couple days he has been saying, "yeah." 
"Do you want milk?"
"Yeah!" he yells.

Only it's said in a long, drawn out, Southern drawl, "Yea-ah!"  I've done it again.  I've given birth to a true Texan.

1 comment:

Kira said...

It's really too bad that your kids don't share your utah is much better how it is said here, "yea-yuh"

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