Friday, April 25, 2008

The Good And The Bad

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    Bad News: 
    Devin is sick.  He's been running a fever since Monday.

  • Good News:  I'm getting a lot of cuddling from this hot little boy.  It takes a fever to slow him down enough so I can hold onto him!

  • Bad News:  Half of my house is a mess.

  • Good News:  The other half of my house is clean!

  • Bad News:  I'm down to my last $20.

  • Good News:  The bills are paid and I have food in my fridge.

  • Bad News:  My kids will not eat soup. 

  • Good News:  I have a big pot of this simmering.  Including a vegetarian version for Heidi.  We can't let the movers go hungry!

  • Bad News:  I gave my ticket to the concert to Madison's friend.  John and Madison are going without me so that I can watch my brother's dogs while he signs his lease agreement.

  • Good news:  I don't mind missing the concert if my brother is moving to Texas!

  • Bad News:  My friend invited me to the opera tonight.  But I can't go because I'll be with the boys while Madison and John are at the concert.

  • Good News:  I have a friend who thought of me to go to the opera with her!

  • Bad News:  I hate baked cherries.  I like the flavor, but I can't stand the texture.

  • Good News:  I'm making Pioneer Woman's Dump Cake for a little celebration for the following good news.

  • Bad News:  It's a cloudy and humid day.  Blech!
  • Good News:  Daniel and Heidi are moving to Texas today!  They will be here in a few short hours!!!!

Edited to add:  I just called Daniel and Heidi and they won't be coming here after all tonight.  I'll be eating a ton of soup by myself tonight.  Would anyone like some soup and a piece of dump cake?  Because I'll be eating alone!


Jason said...

Don't you hate it when you slave to make a special dinner for someone and then they don't show up?
But in their defense, moving is THE WORST THING TO INFLICT UPON ONESELF. EVER.

kira said...

what concert were you going to?

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