Thursday, January 17, 2008

Go Diego Go!

My brother Jason and his son Diego came to Texas

to play with cousins.


I was so excited for them to come.  The first and only time I met Diego was when he was first born.  I am so thankful I had the opportunity to get to know my sweet, funny, and precocious nephew.  When I picked them up from the airport I asked them how the flight to Texas was.  Diego exclaimed, "All my ex's live in Texas!"  Super funny!

Diego asks a million questions per minute.  There is no possible way to satisfy his curiosity.  My boys are pretty quite by nature, so Diego can easily talk them under the table.  Usually when I'm driving with the boys in my car the only sound you hear are crickets in the back seats.  Silence.  But if Diego's traveling with you there is a constant hum of songs, questions, and directions.  I love it!

Diego has a great mind and he's not afraid to use it.  He was trying to get Jason to start the movie Jurasic Park because he wanted to watch the dinosaurs.  "I'm sorry Diego, that movie's just to scary."

"I won't be scared.  It's not scary.  It's only dinosaurs."

"No," Jason insisted.  "Poppy wouldn't like it."

With a determined voice he stated, "But Poppy won't know!"  He's going to be a fine teenager!

We spent one day at the park.  And although Diego does not like the camera


I still managed to get a few cute shots of him.



Thank you so much for coming to Texas Diego!  And thank you Jason for coming to see us.  I've felt bad that I haven't been able to know Diego.  But now that I know the little guy, I desperately miss him!

And I would like to end this post with a silly picture.



Jason said...

We had so much fun! I'm glad Diego got to know all of you, too.
So. What exactly was I doing in this last picture? I do not remember. Dancing? I look kind of freakish and my arms look ridiculously skinny. In reality, they're quite buff.

Kira Ludwig Shelton said...

“All my ex’s live in Texas!”" t
That sounds like a bumper sticker or t-shirt.

JLO said...

Looks like a neat park! Jason's legs look ridiculously skinny tooo. Katrine...I want your camera!! Either that or can you follow me around and take pictures of me?

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