Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Three Sisters-In-Law Down, One To Go!

Three of my sisters-in-law have joined me in blogging.
Laura at Barns and Bananas.
Kira at Striving for the 92%.
And our newest blogger is Heidi at Team Shelton.
We just need our final sis-in-law, Ruth, to start a blog to get all sister's blogging!

Only one of my brother's is a blogger.  Although I think Daniel posts with Heidi at times.  The possibility of having all of my brother's blog is not very likely.  But I'll gladly take their wives!


Kira Ludwig Shelton said...

Why doesn't Ruth have a blog? Hmmmm...I'll investigate.

Jason said...

We should encourage Ruth. Maybe that's all she needs, is a bit of encouragement. Like I did.

JLo said...

I'll have to check them all out. You Shelton's are FUNNY! By the way, I am your adopted sister without all of the child hood drama...JLO!!

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