Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jason, Are You Watching This Show?

There is a new show I have begun watching this season.  It's called Pushing Daisies.  Is anyone else watching this show?  Everytime I see it I always think that Jason would love it.  The program is about a man who can bring anything back to life if he touches it.  He can only touch it one time or that person or thing will die again.  But if he lets it live for longer than one minute than someone else close by will die. 

Sounds crazy right?  But the writers are brilliant because it is silly, quirky, innocent, funny, sweet and entertaining.  It also has the fabulous Krisen Chenoweth who plays Olive Snook.  On occassion she has burst into song using her fantastic broadway voice. 

It's on tonight Jason, so be sure to set your Tivo.  You'll love it!


Dawn said...

See now I have only caught a couple of episodes, but I was always curious how the girl he loves that he cannot touch is exempt from that. I know he can't touch her again because she would die, but did someone else close by die when he didn't "put her back" after a minute?

Jason said...

Why, yes! As a matter of fact, Giancarlo and I watch Pushing Daisies together and it is already set to record tonight's episode. We both like it because it is so clever, stylized, funny and unique. Last week the fabulous Molly Shannon made a dazzling appearance as the owner of Bittersweets. Loved it!

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