Friday, December 14, 2007

How Cool Is this?!

I have my very own email.  I know, I've had my own email for years.  But this one is for my website:  Frugal Foodstuffs.  This is my email address:  How cool is that!?  I will still have my old email but this was to cool not to share.

Speaking of Frugal Foodstuffs, you should go take a looky loo.  It's not as great as I want it to be.  I'm working on it ever so sloooooowwwleeeeeee, but it's coming along.  So, I'll see you over there, right?  Right?


Jason said...

My, my,you've been busy! I'll have to start trying some of these recipes. Good work.

janjanmom said...

Hey! Found you at Jason's blog. I really don't remember how I found Jason's blog, but he is so transparent that I am hooked. Anyway, I am a frugal Chef as well. I have enjoyed both of your blogs! Just wanted to say "Hi!".

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