Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What I Would Wear

I like the blog Frugal-Fashionista.  So, if I had the money to buy a new wardrobe and the figure that I had when I was a size 2, this is what I would wear:

Cameron Diaz in her white sheath dress.  Don't forget the heels!

I would wear Brad Pitt.  Yeah, baby!

I like this outfit of Eva's, except the pants are a bit too wide.  Who is Eva anyway?

I will wear Alicia Silverstone's outfit when Ree invites me to her ranch.

I like Jessica Alba's casual look because I could wear this in my demanding career as a mother and a blogger.

Maybe Jessica's a SAHM wannabe.  Just for the record, I have limits.  No plaid.

I'm going to borrow Victoria's business wear for my next big board meeting at the Relief Society Room.


Jenalyn said...

Great post! I am in a fashion funk. Maybe this site will help get me out :)

Kira Ludwig Shelton said...

I agree...all totally cute!

Jason said...

Hey. Whatever happened to posting every day during the month of November?

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