Friday, November 2, 2007


024a.jpgTonight Ethan is having his first sleepover at his friend Ethan's house.  We call them the two Ethan's.  He was so excited!  All week in anticipation of the big night we've been reading a book about a turtle having a sleepover.  He carefully selected his favorite pajamas and packed his toothbrush.  The boy was ready!

Ethan was waiting impatiently for me to feed the baby.  And then he had to wait for dinner to be prepared.  And if that didn't take long enough he had to wait for me to put the baby to bed.  And finally I insisted that I clean his fingernails.  I know this may seem odd.  But I have always been disgusted by firty fingernails.  And Ethan had used green playdough in school leaving his fingernails with the look of a fungus growing in the recesses of his nail bed.  I could not have the other Ethan's mother thinking I raised boys with fungus.

 The entire time I was accomplishing all of the above Ethan kept groaning and moaning, "Ethan's going to be asleep!"  "We need to hurry or Ethan will go to sleep without me!"

The other Ethan was waiting with his family for us when we went outside.  Ethan quickly said to his host's mother, complete with talking with his hands, "I am so sorry!  My mom had to cook dinner!  And then she had to take care of the baby!  And then I needed my toothbrush!  And then she had to clean my fingernails and cut them!"

Busted!  Now my neighbor knows we grow fungus.


Dawn said...

I am thinking, with a boy of her own, she probably already knew about the fungus. ;-)

Jason said...

What a cute kid!

Kira Ludwig Shelton said...

Man, you're a tough mom...clean fingernails...come on...this is a first sleepover. It's a HUGE deal! The other Ethan could have gone to bed with all of your time consuming activities...disaster in the sleepover world.
(I am totally the same way with dirty fingernails, can't stand it).

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