Monday, November 5, 2007

Bodily Noises

Cameron:  Mom, did you know I keep tharting?
Me: What?
Cameron:  I keep tharting.
Me: Tharting?
Cameron:  Yeah, didn't you hear it?
Me:  You mean farting.  (laugh, laugh)
Cameron:  Okay.  I farted.
Me: Remember to say excuse me. (snicker, snicker)


Kira JOy said...

Maybe tharting is something different, like maybe it is similar to farting but includes different elements, or maybe it is a specific kind of fart. You need to take these things into consideration. Maybe that is just what the kids say these days.

Laura said...

will you have a farting talk with Ray? he just says WHOOPS after he farts. and then he laughs.

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