Friday, October 5, 2007

My Brother Wants Me To Answer These Questions

Jason said, "....I will never provide the link because I think I would be highly embarrassed. And some of my readers should never see a blog like it."  He's talking about me.  He thinks I'm a prude. 

I answered these questions.  It almost made my rated G blog a PG13 blog.

1. Would you make a fool out of yourself in public if it meant you were making your partner laugh? I would, but it's very hard to make John laugh.

2. Would you prefer the lights on or off during sex? Off.  I've had 4 children.

3. Do you judge people solely by their musical preferences? Only if they listen to rap.

4. If you could 'take back' your virginity from your first partner, would you? No.

5. Would you ever start a relationship with someone who was still living with an ex for financial reasons? No!

6. Do you need to know everything about someone's past? The more I know, the better, in most cases.

7. It is more worthwhile and satisfying to improve the world or appreciate the world? To improve the world.  But I think I'm better at appreciating the world.

8. Do you feel you have a purpose or calling in life? Yes.

9. Do you believe that dreams can be messages from a "higher level"? I do.  But I'm very suspicious of it.  Especially if someone tells me they had a dream or message for me. 

10. Would you rather have a great friend you could share everything with or a great lover you can't really talk to? I want it all! 

11. Is the male or female body the closest to perfection?  female

13. Do you like kissing in public? Not really.

14. Do you have a fetish that you would like to employ in your next relationship? It depends if you consider some things a fetish or not.  and I'm not going to have a next relationship.  I'm good thank you!

15. Did America really put a man on the moon? Of course.

16. Would you date someone significantly (9 years or over) older than you? Yes.

17. Generally, in life, what makes you happy? A sense of calm peppered with lots of laughter.  (that's Jason answer but I like it)

18. How well do you handle criticism? Not well. Not well at all.  (Jason's answer again but I'm the same way)

19. Would you like to date someone a lot purer than you? There is no one more pure than myself.

20. When fooling around with someone, do you sometimes have sexual fantasies about other people? Yes.  (this is a G rated blog!)

21. Is it possible for full-figured women to be equally attractive as thinner women? Absolutely. There are beautiful full-figured women and unattractive thin women.

22. You've just met someone incredible while out with friends, and (s)he's been kind enough to cough up a phone number. When do you call? This has never happened to me.

23. Do you think the family of a murder victim should have any say in what punishment is given to the murderer? Yes.

24. Would you have a 'Happy Button' installed on your body, connected to your brain, which would instantly make you very happy whenever you pressed it? Yes!  It would be a lot cheaper than the speed I use now.  (just kidding!)

25. Would you rather know everything about your mate, or be regularly surprised? I like to know everything.  If he surprises me with something I prefer diamonds or a puppy.

26. We are all human, do you judge someone for a past indiscretion? An indiscretion, of course. Something that seriously hurt someone else, I'm not sure.

27. What looks sexy on a woman or a man? I don't know. Nikes?

28. Would you rather have your dream job or your soul mate for the rest of your life? Soul mate

29. Do you consider yourself sexually open minded? I think so.  But Jason thinks I'm a prude.

30. Should your mate also become your best friend? I would prefer it.

32. Have you ever had a true one-night stand? No.

33. Have you ever posed as a nude model? NO WAY! 

34. Would you prefer if good things happened, or interesting things? Good things.  I want good things to happen to John also.

35. Is it better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all? To have loved and lost.


Laura said...

OKay i have put it off, I will do it now. But i was lo9oking for some racy answers from you.

Kira Ludwig Shelton said...

I like the way you answer katrine...just enough to make you curious.

Kira Ludwig Shelton said...

I like the way you answer katrine...just enough to make you curious.

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