Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's Unfortunate, But I Can Be A Dork

I wanted to go to lunch with Ethan at school.  So, I emailed his kindergarten teacher and asked her what time lunch was.  She responded with,

It is usually nachos or tacos on Thursday. 

Well, that's weird.  Thanks for the menu, but what time are they serving these delicacies?  So, I read the email I had sent her.

Would you please tell me what kindergarten lunch is? 

Thank you,


What was I thinking?!  Not only did I not ask for the time but it appears as if I'm asking for a definition for kindergarten lunch.  His teacher overlooked such a strangely phrased question and decided to predict what the lunch ladies would be serving on Thursday.  I tried to save myself by sending another email.

You must think I'm such a big dork!  What kind of parent emails a teacher and wastes her time by asking what they are serving as the lunchroom special?  I meant to ask what time lunch is!  That'll teach me to try to discipline children and type an email at the same time.

Sorry.  If you will please allow me to waste your time yet again by asking what time lunch is?

And I finally got the time.

You're so funny!  We have lunch at 11:45-12:15.

Have a great day!


Kira Ludwig Shelton said...

kindergarten has a lunch? we only had to go a half day.

Jlo said...

You are so funny! It would really crack me up if you sent the second email to the tecaher!

Jason said...

That's way funny. I wish my students' parents sent me funny emails like that! So did you go? How were the nachos or tacos?

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