Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jason Owes Me An Apology!

I'm the one who introduced my brother to the blogging world.  I begged  encouraged him to begin his own blog for a couple of years.  And finally he began The Jason Show.  After all I've done for him he has kept a secret from me.  He has kept Confessions of a Pioneer Woman from me!  This blog is the most entertaining and hilarious blog!  I have spent the time that I should be mopping floors and scraping the gunk out of my shower reading about farm life with a family. 

Jason, I thought you cared for me!  How could you keep Ree from me?!


JLO said...

Actually, Katrine, you should be thanking ME because I have been a fan of The Pioneer Woman long before Jason. He's such a show off, isn't he??

Jason said...

What?!? Excuse me? The Pioneer Woman has been on my list of blogs I frequent for quite some time now! Apparently you aren't reading very carefully! And as for JLO's comment about being a show off---Bossy doesn't think I'm a show off!

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