Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's His Birthday!

Today Cameorn is nine years old!
He likes Star Wars and Spiderman.
He likes the X-box and his game boy.
His little brother Ethan is his best friend.
He loves turtles and hamsters.
He doesn't like macaroni and cheese or spaghetti o's.
He's good at math but he doesn't like to do it.
He likes to play soccer and climb trees.
He loves Yellowstone and camping.
It's his last year as a single digit age!

"Cameron, what would you like for your birthday dinner? I'll make you anything you want."
I suggested pizza, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, spahetti, all of the kid friendly meals I know he likes.
"Hmmm," he sighed as he carefully weighed all his options, "I want scrambled eggs."
Alrighty then. You may be the only person on this earth that would choose scrambled eggs for a birthday celebration. But if you want eggs, you shall have eggs!


Dawn said...

Happy birthday, Cameron. =)

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday, Cameron! Many Years!

Laura said...

UMMMMMM you are missing a major like of his.
I learned all about them while I was there and I can't believe you would forget about them, sincce that's how you punish him. WEBKINS!!!!
Happy Birthday Cameron!!!

kira said...

Happy birthday bud! We wish we could be there...maybe you should set out two empty chairs in our honor.

Jason said...

Scrambled eggs? I love his individuality!

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