Friday, August 3, 2007

I'm a Busy Mama

And so I haven't been able to recap my vacation as quickly as I had wanted.  I know, I know, all 3 of you are anxiously awaiting my vacation photos.  But just as I must try to be patient with my children, you must also be patient!

Over our month away Devin has grown.  He has changed so much that I feel desperate to stop time.   To keep him as an infant, and to keep him mine.  But he has other plans. 

Devin has grown in height and weight, become much more playful, mastered the art of putting his pacifier in and out of his mouth, sits on his own, loves it when Zoe (our pug dog) comes close enough for him to grab, eats rice cereal and vegetables, likes to drink out of water bottle, and tried many types of different tastes such as cheetoes, ice cream, whip cream, and Mt. Dew (thanks Ray and Laura).

Devin can also get on his hands and knees rock back and forth like all he needs is a little more momentum to get him going.  No, no, no, please don't crawl, please don't crawl yet.  He will also yell if he thinks you've left him in one position not long ago.  It's not a scream, or a baby cry, but a yell.  "aaahhhh!"  I'm still here!  "aaahhh!"  Can't anyone hear me!  "aaahhh!"  Won't somebody pick. me. up!

It was fun for us to show Devin off for the first time to our long distance family.  This is a picture of Devin with his uncle who he shares the same name with, Raymond and Devin Raymond.  I hope they will be able to have a close relationship someday.


Laura said...

wow those are so pretty cute and sexy Raymonds

KiRaJoY said...

Eeew...did Ray drewl (sp?) all over Devin's shirt? That poor kid put up with a lot over the past month ;D

Karie said...

You can tell Devin isn't your first when you write "please don't crawl, please don't crawl". The kids do grow too fast. I hope you enjoy every minute with your beautiful family.

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