Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back To School!

070827-003a.jpg070827-002a.jpgMy 3 oldest started school yesterday.  It was especially exciting for Ethan because he started kindergarten!  He was fearless and ready for the challenge.  As he jumped off the bus at the end of the day he said with great joy, "I am so tired!" 

It was a great day for me!  I tried to hide my glee a little bit from my children as they got ready for school.  I love being with them, but they were so ready for a little more structure and education in their day. 

Another benefit is how quickly Devin falls asleep for his nap without siblings running around.  Today it is 2 weeks ago that he had his surgery.  He is now free to climb, move, and jump as his little boy body desires!  I am so blessed to have this little man in my life! 

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For some odd reason John and I were wondering what ever had to Shasta.  Do  you remember that soda?  Does anyone know if they still make it?  We started telling Madison about the great commercials with the great jingle.  So, I went to the ever faithful youtube and they had one of their commercials!  It makes me laugh to watch it because of what we once thought was sexy and what we now think is attractive.  Check out his hairy chest!  You won't find that rug in any of the commercials today!  I wanna Pow Pow Pow, I wanna SSSShhhhasta!


Mimi said...

I thought it was "I wanna pop, pop, pop..." but I could have been wrong.
I don't know what happend to it - good question.
May it be a wonderful school year for all!

KiRaJoY said...

Well, I don't know the commercials (they weren't on during my life times so you are remembering at least 24 years back for those commercials, Katrine) but you can get Shasta at any store around here. You didn't see it? We've got your classic cola, orange, lemon-lime, then the more exotic kiwi-strawberry and black cherry and most recently tiki punch. I had no clue they were hard to come by, I thought it was just your all around generic soda brand.
PS: Good luck to the kidlettes in school (and congrats on the quiet house).

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