Tuesday, June 12, 2007

WebMD: Fix my Knees Please!

I have knee troubles.  It's just another minor strange physical discomfort that I have.  I guess blepharitis just wasn't keeping me busy enough.  My knees hurt when I bend them.  Yeah, I know, I bend my knees a lot too.  Luckily, walking doesn't hurt much.  But going down the stairs hurts a lot.  Sitting hurts unless I keep my legs straight.  The act of taking the sitting position hurts too.  If I'm holding Devin tha pain is increased.  There's nothing like pain when standing if you have to add a heavy weight to it.  And the thing that hurts my knees the most is resuming the position on the toilet.  I have four children.  I don't get much private time alone.  So it used to be a treasured moment of the day to have some quiet time in my bathroom.  But now I avoid it because it really hurts to sit on the throne.  I think it's because the toilet sits lower than couches or chairs.  So, I turned to WebMD for some help because I'd really like to "go."

WebMD diagnosed me with about 15 different ailments.  Everything from injury, to bursitis, arthritis, and obesity.  I know I'm carrying some baby fat, but I don't think I'm obese.  So, I'll just keep popping the advil until I break down and go to the Dr.

And that's all I've got for my blog.  Yup, I'm that boring.  So, I am going to copy Chris and answer a few random things about myself.  Please feel free to copy me, who's copying Chris, who's copying Sarah!

My Roomate and I once:  looked at each other.  I didn't have much in common with her/them.  In fact, I really didn't like them.  Our beds were two feet apart from each other.  She was a slob and she always had a huge pile of junk on her bed.  It was more than a pile, it was a mountain.  She would never clean it up.  Even when it was time for bed, she would just wiggle her way under this mountain of crap and go to sleep under it!  The worse part is that she slept naked.  Under crap.  Two feet away from me.  It was gross!

Never in my life have I:  learned to swim.  In fact, I have a strong phobia of deep water.  It's difficult to learn to swim when you won't go in water past your shoulders.

High school was:  horrible.  I hated it.  The saving grace was that I had a wonderful group of friends.

When I am nervous:  I am not the person I want to be.  I get frantic, grumpy, and panic.  It's not pretty.  And then I run from the situation. 

My hair:  Let's not forget the Clairol incident.  Enough said.

When I was 5:  My Dad moved us to a place with animal rights so he could have goats, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, pheasants, doves, quail, ferril cats, dogs, fish, and children.  He spent most of the time with his kids (the goat kind) instead of his kids (the human kind).

By this time next year:  I really need some goals.  Goals are good.  My goal today is to get out of my pajamas.  I'm reaching high there.

My favorite aunt is:  I loved my aunt Sue.  She was young and pretty.  Looking back I'm sure we made her crazy!  I haven't talked or heard from her in over 20 years.

I have a hard time understanding:  Mean people.  Why do people have this need to say mean things?  Especially to their family or children.  I don't get it. 

You know I like you if:  I call you, email you, or get together with you. 

My ideal breakfast is:  Eggs Benedict.  Yummy.

If you visit my hometown:  Don't come from June - October.  It's unbelievably hot.

If you spend the night at my house:  You have to sleep on the air mattress.  I don't have a guest bed yet.

My favorite blond is:  My man, John.

My favorite brunette is:  Madison

The animal I would like to see flying is:  a horse.  Then I could raise a ranch full of pegasus'.  That'd be cool.

I shouldn't have been:  such a fool.  I'll leave it at that for now.

Last night:  I had a hard time getting Devin to sleep.

I've been told I look like:  My mother.

If I could have any car it would be:  a Hummer.  I used to hate those things.  But now I like them.  I think it would be cool to load all my children in it and run over things.

Let me know if you answer these questions!

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Dawn said...

wow. i think you actually may be the first person to make my roommate experience look better (relatively speaking, of course).
i played along. =)

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