Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I'm loving this song:

I gave up this:
But just until June 30th. There's simply no way I can be trapped in a car with 4 children for 26 hours without my guilty pleasure and a little caffeine.

My Dr. says I have:
Patellofemoral pain syndrome
I'm supposed to avoid sitting, kneeling, squatting, climbing stairs and carrying heavy items like my baby. Yeah, okay. That fits into my lifestyle!

I'm missing this girl:
She's at girls camp.

And Devin's rolling! As I'm sitting here he's rolled across the room. Which is a good thing because his mama's not supposed to carry him. Maybe he can roll his way into the kitchen and get his own bottle. It's about time he took care of himself!

Have a great day and be good to your knees please!

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Karie Ludwig said...

Jon Bon Jovi is such a hot old guy, I only wish I could have aged as well as he has! I saw him sing this on the today show....i must say he looks just as hot and sings just as well!! Love the pepper my self but i've been doing the dew lately! I'll bet you are Jasons favorite Sister too (thats what my brothers always said about me) I love to watch the babies growing and staring to move on their own....but darned if that isn't the first sign of sooo much more work for mom (chasing the little guy and keeping him out of trouble) Your right about the Dr.s orders it so doesn't fit into a mom with little kidletts life......Thats what the DR. PEPPER is for! You are wonderful Katrine!!!

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