Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hodge Podge Post

Dr. Pepper, how I love thee.  I'm not supposed to be drinking it.  But I am currently sipping on a lovely 20 ouncer.  I've been doing well because I don't have any in the house.  But I loose all will power when I enter a store.  I have to grab one to quench my thirst.   However, it's better than 3 a day.  Baby steps, people, baby steps.

Madison returned from girls camp.  She's full of fun stories and once again I am amazed at the lovely creature growing before my eyes.  We're all glad she's home, including her brothers.

Yesterday we didn't have internet connection.  After spending two long hours with tech support the problem seemed to resolve itself.  I know I didn't fix it, and I definately know they didn't fix it. 

I saved $101.02 with coupons on my groceries last Monday!  That's my highest savings ever.  I won't take a picture this time because SOME people made fun of me!  But let me just repeat I saved over $100!!!

And finally, here's a blog for all the creative people out there:  Creative Blogs Everyday Kim highlights a creative blog.  These include sewing, painting, and decorating blogs.  It's a lot of fun!

Little Devin boy is waking up.  I hope for a little less hodge podge and a little more substance on this blog tomorrow. 


Kira Joy said...

Rock on with the coupons! Seriously, it can be quite a chore to find, track, and shop with coupons, but you prove how worth it it can be $101.02 ... sounds like someone just saved enough, and highly deserves a professional hair color job ;D

Jason said...

I like the hodge podge. And whoever would have made fun of you for lining up your groceries in neat little lines and taking photographs of them?

Dawn said...

I think whoever made fun of you did so because they are jealous pf your mad saving skills at the grocery store. ;-)

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