Friday, June 15, 2007

Hair: It's Almost as Bad as Shopping for a Swimsuit

Every year I make a trip to Utah. In hopes that I can fool people into thinking I'm not as frumpy as I look, I always start to try to fix myself up. This always includes a hair cut.

Do you remember the 80's when you would dry your hair, put the sides up in a barrette, curl and tease the bangs, add a lot of hairspray, and then you were done? Those were the good old days? Why must we know section off our hair in little pieces and blow it dry in a directional flow with a round brush, and then section it off again and use a straight iron? Oh, great master of beauticians, I do not have the time or patience for this! My baby gives me 10.3 minutes to shower, shave, dry my thick hair, and apply makeup.

So, tomorrow I hope to get my hair cut. This is the picture I am using. (I stole it off flickr, thank you pretty lady and photographer) I also need another box of Clairol. But maybe I'll wait and take Laura up on her offer and get my hair colored. I understand she is also great at waxing. She's even cornered my manly brothers and removed their unruly eyebrows. It's going to be a hair party!

Oh, and apparantly I can dream in spanish. Who would have thunk? But there I was speaking fluently all through my dream. Sadly, I don't have this talent in real life. I do wish I could speak spanish. After all, half my family speaks it. Jason, GianCarlo, Heidi, Paul, Amelia, and Diego all speak spanish. But I don't have the aptitude for it. In fact my spanish teacher in high school (what was his name? Jason, do you remember?) told me I should try another language!


Dawn said...

In the 80s, I had a really puffy perm. I still haven't forgiven my mother for that. In the 90s, I had the barette with the pouf in the front, and long hair with a spiral perm. I don't think I will ever have long hair again. =P

Laura said...

I am game for that hair party.

Kira Joy said...

I was just taking to a co-worker about 80's hair in this morning. But I don't remeber it being so carefree like you make it sound. My mom was pretty meticulous (sp?) about how our hair looked before we even thought about the front door. Blow dry, long braid going across like a headband, curls in the back, big ol' bangs in the front, then waiting for the sisters and the mom to get done, I felt like it was pretty exhausting myself.

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