Saturday, June 2, 2007

For A Good Time

For a good time try collecting your 8 year old's urine for 24 hours.  Yeah, that's fun. 
The Doctor's think he may have kidney stones.   I am amazed that they need that large of a speciman to determine if he does or does not.


Kira said...

Kidney stones ... at 8? Yikes! That poor guy. I hear that is misserable. We'll pray for him.

Dawn said...

ya know (actually, you don't, but you're about to. LOL!) my god daughter had a UTI when she turned one. they needed to collect a sample from her. to this day, i cannot figure out how that is accomplished since i believe this was done at home. i've got tons of experience with infants & toddlers, but... this skill is not on my resume. =P
hope your son starts to feel better. kidney stones do not sound like something fun to do on your summer break. =/

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