Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I just finished reading "The Rats of Nimh" to my children.  It's a classic and loved by many.  I found the descriptions to be very visual.  But my youngest had a difficult time following it, while I had to repeat certain paragraphs to help my middle one understand parts of the story.  But over all they liked it.

Currently we are reading from Magic Treehouse series.  This was a welcome change of pace for my boys.  The chapters are shorter and easier for younger ones to follow.

I followed my friend Melissa's advice and my boys can earn more time with their video games if they read books.  It's working!  But I've had to make a rule that they can only read each book one time.  Cameron was picking the easiest  book he could find so he could hurry and get to his beloved X-box!  I've also bribed them if they read 25 books I will buy them a game boy game.  I'm not above bribery!

Here's a great book review blog called, A Gaggle of Book Reviews.  And my own brother posted some of his favorite books from his book club.  I miss belonging to a book club.  I may have to start one again!  Jason's always reccommended great books for me.  (Except for Wicked, I couldn't get into that one!)

Here's a few of my favorites:
Any of the Anne Tyler books, love her love her love her!!!!  She is the only author that makes me laugh out loud!

Rebecca  This is a book that has been around for a long time.  It keeps you guessing the entire time.

The Time Traveler's Wife  (Thank you Mimi, I did get the name wrong!)  This book is so well written that the author takes an impossible condition seem possible. 

Follow The River  Wow!  I couldn't stop thinking about this book for weeks the first time I read it.  I first read it in high school and then chose it for my book club. 

The DaVinci Code  Just marvelous!  I read this to my husband as we traveled for 26 hours in the car.  It made a long drive very enjoyable.

I need to go to the library!


Dawn said...

I couldn't get into Wicked either. After two chapters, I just gave up.

Kira said...

My mom and I were talking about great books just last night. Sometimes it is so great just to get your head all wrapped up in something, laughing, guessing, crying, whatever. It is so fun to get lost in it.

Mimi said...

Wicked was AWFUL. I hated it, and I kept reading it to find the point, imagine my horror to find there was none.
Do you mean "The Time Traveler's Wife", if so, one of my absolute favorites. I sobbed.
What an interesting experience to see the book through your kids' eyes, it's a good lesson and reminder in our parenting.

Crolyn said...

I love this! You're such a hoot! You're daddy's so sexy in those man capris!!!
You crack me up! Every entry is amusing!!

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