Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Vote Madison For Secretary!

[rockyou id=68887130]

I finally figured out how to do a slideshow. It make take me a while to figure out this computer stuff, but eventually I get it worked out. I took these pictures of Madison because she had to make a power point presentation for the student council elections at school. She is running for secretary for next year. I placed her to the side of the frame so that she could add text on the blank space beside her. Go Madison!

This evening is Ethan's preschool graduation. He's excited. I'm excited. And sad. Preschool graduation means kindergarten next year!

And because I spent so long trying to get the slideshow to work I'm late at getting ready for the day! So, as Madison would say, "Later peeps!"


Jason said...

Well, aren't you fancy.

maddie said...

haha i didnt win :( but i'm cool with it. i think it would have been a lot of work. that door closed, but i'm now much more involved in choir (which means more to me anyway) i'm in showstoppers and i'm the choir librarian for the varsity girls choir. and i'm head librarian for all of the goodson choir :) go me. i know i'm a nerd..sometimes.

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