Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tall Tales

Madison and I were remembering the tall tales her dad has told her over the years. The first one is that John once convinced her that her name was really Madison Cake instead of Madison Kate because they typed it out wrong on her birth certificate. I thought she knew he was joking. But Madison went around for a couple of years telling people her name was Madison Cake. It wasn't until Madison happened upon her birth certificate and saw that her name was Kate not Cake.

There was a small forest cut down close to our home. The trees laid where they fell, looking like they were pushed over. John told Madison that there were elephants living next to our subdivison and they had pushed the trees over. He would even yell, "There's one now!" And when Madison turned to look the elephants were quick and hid in the remaining trees, of course.

Madison asked her dad why she had one brown eye and one blue eye. He told her that I was jealous that she had blue eyes like him and I wanted her to have brown eyes like myself. So, I stuck a brown sucker in her eye until it turned brown. What?! That's a very odd story but Maddie believed it for a short time.

Madison asked John how he got the scar on his chin. He told her he was once trapped in a train with a lion. He grabbed a whip off the wall to keep the lion from attacking him. When he flicked the whip, it hit him, cutting his chin. And that's how he got the scar. John then climbed up and out of the train car to get away from the lion. But then he fell into another train car filled with snakes. And to this day he hates snakes! Now if you know Indiana Jones you probably recognize this scene from one of the Indiana Jones movies.

Fast forward a few years. Madison had a friend over when the Indiana Jones movie came on. She stopped playing when she noticed a guy stuck in a train with a lion and a whip. When young Indy cut his chin she said, "Hey, that happened to my Dad! And then he climbed up on top of the train and fell back into the train filled with snakes." Imagine her surprise when Indy did exactly the same thing! I started laughing and I was about to tell her that her dad was a big fat liar when John walked into the room. "Dad, you didn't fall into the snakes! That's from a movie!"

"No way! They stole my story! I'm going to sue them for stealing my life and making it into a movie!" John tried desperately to convince her. But Madison's smart. It only took a few years to realize her dad's a big fat liar!

And I did "Jiggle Free Buns" today for my workout. Yeah me!


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