Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Name Is Katrine And I Am An Addict

I was in the middle of getting my fix when I realized someone had taken my resources.  This person did not have my best interest at heart.  If he did he would have realized that I needed it.  I must have it daily or my life is turned upside down!

They say the first 48 hours is the toughest.  If you can get through the cold sweats, shaking, and hallucinations, the rest is easier.  They are wrong.  It doesn't get easier.

My hands were shaking badly as I tried to use the phone to call my dealer.  He tried to tell me that he couldn't come yet because his life would be in danger.  But I didn't care about his life!  I needed it now.  Now!

I was sad when I thought of the friends I would have to give up.  My husband only laughed at me and told me that they weren't my real friends anyway.  They didn't care about me.  They were only interested in feeding their own addictions.  Well, maybe they do, but I don't care!

My dealer finally showed up.  He also brought several of his contacts.  And after 48 long hours, I have my Internet back.  I am now getting my much needed "fix."

Monday morning the builders behind my home cut my phone line.  They not only cut my line but they cut some fiber thingy that only very trained people can repair.  Actually, it took about six very trained people, two vans, two trucks, and 48 hours to repair. 

The builders also cut my gas line.  That's why the phone company couldn't come until the gas line had been fixed.  It was a little alarming at first when I could smell gas in our backyard.  But they got here quickly and fixed it.  During that time I didn't realize my phone had been cut.  So, when I went in and discovered it, I marched out and yelled through the fence, "Hey, they cut my phone line too!"  The gas men were friendly, but they didn't seem to concerned with my Internet addiction. 

I asked, "Is the builder going to get it fixed, or do I need to call my phone company?"

"Well, ma'am I wouldn't count on your builder to do anything, you should probably call them."

So, I went inside and sat in front of my computer so I could google AT&T's phone number.  Hello, you can't google without proper hook up!  I am alarmed at how much I rely on this computer.  I rely on this outside source of information as a SAHM.  How did my mom raise six children without WebMD?  Without google I am lost.  Without blogging, I lose part of myself.  I seriously need to look at my priorities.  I will after I read the 100+ blog entries I have missed on Google Reader while I have been in my "intervention."

And because it is Website Weds, and because I have missed it so, the site of the day is Google.


Kira said...

I hear ya babe! I have many addictions, among them: lotion, I can't handle not having lotion on, I can't go to sleep, I can't work, I can't think without lotion. I'm pretty sure the darn stuff has a chemical addictive that has forced me into a dependency. I always have it nearby and whenever I see it, no matter if I need it or not, I put it on. I look for "Tester" bottles in the store. I look on office desk, wherever I can get my "fix."

Dawn said...

::shiver:: nothing like being cut off abruptly to make a girl twitchy. i would be checking my connection every 3 minutes until it was restored.

Corrie said...

I know, what did we ever do before WebMD? I hear you on the dependency thing.
When I'm on a road trip, I have to find a way to check email and read up on blogs.

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