Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Freddy Fun Fish

Ethan's Preschool has a stuffed toy fish named Freddy Fun Fish. Freddy gets to go to someone's house every week. There is a book to journal what each preschooler has done with Freddy. It's very hard for a 5 year old to wait his turn. But the day finally came when Ethan got to take Freddy home. I wish I had my camera when Ethan walked out of his classroom with Freddy and a huge smile! Ethan is so cute!
Here's what Ethan has done with Freddy.

Freddy and Ethan together at last!

Freddy cheered Ethan on at soccer practice.

Freddy sat with mom while Ethan was at speech therapy.

A trip to the library.

And it looks like I may have my first thumb sucker. Why did I find this so gross in other children, but in my own son I find it so endearing?

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