Friday, May 25, 2007

Day One Of Summer

According to Cameron, "You have made this the worst summer EVER!"  He says this screaming as his eyes roll into the back of his head, he throws himself onto the floor, plants his feet on the wall, and begins kicking.  What caused this horrible reaction?  What mean, cruel motherly thing did I do to my child?  Call CPS on me, I told him that he could only play the X-box at 1:00 when the baby is sleeping. 

You can't really blame the boy.  I started his morning out by informing him that he would have to get himself dressed, brush his teeth and hair, and make his bed before he started to play.  I guess it's unusually horrible to tell your child that he will be responsible for his own body.  Imagine that!  It's like the time he fell and his face made direct, head splitting contact with the cement.  To have to put on your own clothing without your mother directing your every move is just as painful as that bump he got on his head that day.  Yeah, it's just like that!

But he actually took my other "plan" with a much better reaction than I had anticipated.  If Cameron reads 25 books I will take him to the store to reward him with a toy.  I'm looking forward to this because I love books and reading!  If anyone has good reading lists for 2nd graders I would love it.  Jason?

After an hour of Cameron groaning in pain and acting as if his hair was on fire, out of desperation for quiet, I told them I would take them to the park.  You would think that would make any 8 year old happy.  Oh no, because then you would have to be, well, happy.  And that's to much to ask of Cameron.  After more "my life is over" screaming and groaning I dragged Cameron to the park with Ethan and Devin.  And at the park we met some people from our church.  And they have two boys the exact age of Cameron and Ethan.  And the best part was Cameron played with Alex.  He talked with Alex.  He laughed with Alex.  He likes Alex.  This is such a major deal to my introvert.  Ethan had fun with Alex's brother.  Their mother mentioned that we should get them together.  You can count on that!  This poor woman won't know what hit her when I'm stuck to her like glue because Cameron has a friend!  This is big people!!!

A few weeks ago I saw a show that mentioned a program called Stroller Fit.  I thought it looked like fun and I wished they had one here.  Well, when I pulled up at the park there were a couple of ladies wearing Stroller Fit shirts, had signs, and were packing up their cars.  I walked up and introduced myself and they told me how wonderful this program is.  I'm so excited!!  Because I will need a place to relieve all my stress after loving a little boy who thinks I've "made this the worst summer EVER!"  I'm going to give it a try.  I'm so excited!

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