Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stay With Me Cameron!

I must say those words to Cameron several times a day. He is easily distracted and he has his own time frame. So in order to Cameron on pace I often tell him to "Stay with me Cameron!" Yesterday those words took on a whole new meaning.

I had to take Cameron to the Dr. I wasn't expecting it, but it ended up that Cameron needed to have his blood tested. He was very brave when they pricked his thumb. But as they filled the tube with his precious blood he began to shake. This happens whenever Cameron is nervous. Finally they were finished, he picked a sticker, and we were off with Ethan following behind and Devin in the stroller.

When we got into the waiting room Cameron began saying he was really dizzy. He quickly sat down on a chair. I tried to get back into the office to speak with the nurse about Cameron's sudden dizziness, but the door automatically locks and so I couldn't get back in without going through another crowded waiting room, which is not easy with a stroller and two little boys. He said he could walk now so we left.

By the time we got to the elevator he said he wanted to lay down. "Stay with me Cameron. Look, you can push the button." But even the thrill of pushing buttons could not distract him. Instead he leaned against the garbage can. Finally the doors opened and our short little train boarded the elevator.

As soon as the doors closed Cameron laid down on the elevator floor. This isn't good I thought. "Cameron stay with me. You need to get up."
"Will you carry me?"
"Cameron, you're too heavy and I have to push the stroller."
During this conversation Ethan is having his own about the Star Wars sticker he just got and how he has seen all the "Victories" on the Star Wars X-box game. It was then that the elevator doors opened revealing my 8 year old laying on the floor, Ethan is putting stickers on his chest, and Devin is desperately looking for his pacifier with his mouth like a hungry baby bird while making grunting noises like a hungry piglet.

I helped Cameron to his feet while someone held the elevator doors for us and we make our way through the small crowd of people and to the lobby. We almost made it to the doors when Cameron found another chair and collapsed. At least it wasn't the floor this time. In the bright light of the lobby I could now see my boy's face. The little guy was as white as white can be. Even his lips were white! Obviously, Cameron does not handle needles well.

We waited a little longer until Cameron could move again. I thought the cool air outside would perk him up. As we were walking through the parking lot Cameron dropped his sticker. He bent up to pick it up and then never came up. He was laying spread eagle in the parking lot with a sticker safely in his hand. "Cameron, stay with me!" I began having visions of myself directing traffic around my child. "Cameron can you make it to the car? It's only 3 cars away."
"Where's the car?"
"It's right there, you can see it."
"But that's so far away!"
I managed to get Cameron off the asphalt and he grabbed onto my hip, and I held onto him as I pushed the stroller with my other hand. Ethan followed behind asking Cameron if he had his sticker.

Finally we managed to get to the car. I began to giggle at our little situation. It's how I cope in stressful situations. I found it slightly amusing and I decided to call my hubby and let him laugh at our predicament. But I forgot we don't share the same sense of humor! "It's not funny Katrine! He's sick!"
"I'm sorry. You're right it's not funny."
"Did you look in his eyes to see if they're red? He could have leukemia." John's sister is a cancer survivor so John is sensitive to unknown medical problems.
"John, he doesn't have leukemia! He hasn't eaten since breakfast and the adrenalin from getting his blood tested made him feel sick. He's okay."
"You need to take care of him."
"I am! I got him off the parking lot didn't I? I'm going to take him home and feed him lunch."

By the time we made it home Cameron was feeling better and after lunch he was ready to go outside to play. While Cameron was swinging outside I got a phone call from the Dr's office. "I'm sorry, the nurse made a mistake and we didn't run all the tests. We need you to bring Cameron back in for another blood test."

"You've got to be kidding me!" My response was much harsher than I intended. I think I scared the nurse because she began apologizing profusely. I explained our situation concerning Cameron and needles and she assured me they would make sure he did better this time.

And they did. Cameron was very brave. He started shaking again. But this time they had him lay down during the entire procedure and then they fed him chocolate, lots of chocolate. It's good to know chocolate cures more than PMS.


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