Friday, April 27, 2007

Operation Waistline

Last night I went shopping all by myself. Sounds great huh? Usually it would be. But I found myself lost and wandering around all the racks of clothing. Somewhere between my 4th pregnancy and today, my body has turned against me. I can't find any clothing to fit me. I can't even tell you what size I am because things that fit me here don't fit me there. In particular I can't find pants because my waistline has gone on vacation. I can find pants to fit my legs, thighs, and bottom, but nothing will fit around my waist.

And I can't find a dress because everything makes me look 4 months pregnant. I'm 4 months postnatal, today actually. Happy 4 months Devin baby.

So, I am hitting my workout tapes. I am going to be accountable here on this blog. So, if I don't record that I have worked out for the day you must promise to ask me where my waist is. And in honor of Devin's 4 months of life, I have worked out today. Let operation waistline begin!

And I won't even tell you how shopping for a bra went.


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