Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What Could You Buy For $100.00?

Perhaps you need to buy groceries? $100.00 is about what I spend for a week of groceries for a family of five.

Maybe you need a pair of shoes? $100 will be you a high quality shoe that will last a while.

Maybe you really want to paint your house. I have a lot of blank walls that I'm itching to get some paint on. $100 dollars will buy you several cans.

A new outift. I could really use some clothes considering nothing fits me. I guess I could continue to wear J's pants.

Or maybe you need to go to the eye doctor and he would like to prescribe you a new medication.

That's right blog readers. This big bottle of medicine costs $95.99, just under $100.00 for those who are learning to count money like Cameron.

Just how big is this bottle? Well, those aren't my feet. Those are little bitty Devin feet.

Just how tall is this bottle of liquid gold? Well, if you only count the actual bottle and not the dropper part of the bottle it's 1" tall.

And if you are thinking that it must be a really wide bottle, well, you'd be wrong. I am guessing there is probably about 25 drops in there. So, I'm good for the next 12 days until I need to refill my prescription. And I have 3 refills. So for four bottles of this medicine I need for a minor thing like my eye sight, I will have spent $383.96 for 100 drops of medication. That's $3.83 per drop.

The first time I used the drops I missed my eye. Can you believe it?! That's almost $4.00 running down my cheek! And as it slid to my lip I licked it up. This stuff is not going to waste!

(sorry for the blurry photos. It looked clear on my camera but when I downloaded it to the computer they were blurry. I guess I need the medication so I can continue seeing.)

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