Thursday, March 1, 2007

Today I'm Loving

My bed. I don't spend enough time there.

My children and my husband, but that goes without saying.

Google Reader. I'm probably the last person to know about this cool program. You can subscribe to all the blogs you like and then it will let you know when it has been updated. I have so many blogs bookmarked and it would take forever to click on all of them to see if they had been updated. It was a guilty pleasure because I spent far too much time reading about other people's lives instead of cleaning house. But now I can read all the blogs I want guilt free because it's such a time saver!

My sister-in-law Kira. Her blog entry today cracks me up! Unfortunately I live to far from her. But it's probably a good thing for Kira because I'd probably be following her around just to see what she's going to do or say next. I love a good laugh in the morning! Oh, yeah, and the guy with the furry feet wearing a vaccum is my baby brother. He's funny too!

My friend Carolyn. She's a sweetie!

Safety. Have you seen the story about the tornado that hit the high school in Enterprise, Alabama? So far eight have been killed. It is so sad! I didn't grow up with tornadoes but now I live in a high Tornado area. I don't like it! After a stormy day I went to pick up Cameron from school. There were news helicoptors flying around. I found out that a tornado had hit about a half mile from Cameron's elementary school. It took out a few trees but there wasn't any major damage. Cameron told me how they had to sit under their tables for a little while. I can't imagine what the parent's were going through when they heard the tornado had hit their children's schools. My hearts and prayers go out to the family's who are hurting today.

On that note, hug your loved ones, and have a fabulous day!


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