Friday, March 9, 2007

Moving Up

One of the many shows I've begun watching as I spend countless hours on the couch feeding the baby, is a reality type decorating show called, Moving Up. Three families buy a house, redecorate it, and then the old owners come back to see the changes. Occassionaly the former owners will like the changes, but usually they share their distaste with statments such as, "Who put that there?" "Why would anyone think that looks good." "I would never want live here!"

My own life is beginning to look like a bad episode of Moving Up. My postnatal body is definatley not the way I previously left it. I look at my stomach that my baby vacated and think, "Why would anyone think that looks good?" I have strech marks that I try to not look at, but when I catch a glimpse I think, "Who put that there?" And finally I take an overview of the overview of my body I share my distaste with, "I would never want to live there!"

But all is okay. All is perfect in fact. My four children are well worth any battle scars I may have. And when I have my children around me, I share my pleasure with, "This is where I want to live!"

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