Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm A Grandma!!!!

My daughter, Madison, was blessed with twins on Tuesday. I am so proud! Aren't they beautiful?! The boy's name is Austin Connor, and the girl is named Ashley Katrine. Can you believe it? My daughter named her daughter after me. I am so touched.

Sadly, the twins will return home to the Family and Human Development class at Madison's junior high today. Our time with them was too short. Raising plant babies is so much different from human babies. I know, you are as surprised as I am. After all, I could never ask our dog to babysit and get away with it. And I can't leave Devin in front of a window for light and consider that the proper way to grow a child. And this morning Madison called me from school in a panic because she forgot her babies. I haven't forgotten any of my children, yet. But my parents left my brother Ray at church once, and there is no permament damage that we can see.

Madison's class is discussing the human reproduction system this week. Everyday we have to go through a check list and talk about certain things. Such as should people have premarital sex, and do we think children have to deal with sexual issues earlier than we did. So, every night we check everything off in about two minutes. Yesterday Madison told me that some of her friends have to listen to their parents for about two hours every night about the list. This has caused me to question myself. Either I'm really good at discussing these issues with my innocent child, or I'm really bad.

Speaking of Madison, she had her UIL concert for choir yesterday. She even had a part singing with five other girls. They were all excited to recieve top rank. This is her choir dress that she hates. It's funny because I had a blue one exactly like it when I was in junior high. I wish I had a picture of it because I hated it just as Madison does.

Tomorrow we are having Ethan's birthdy party. His birthday was December 26th, but I think that if your birthday falls on the day after Christmas, then your mom can choose any day she wants for your party. The theme is Star Wars, of course. We were going to have it at the park, but it looks like it's going to rain, so we are going to have it here instead. So I'm scrambling trying to come up with new birthday plans. It should be fun!

One more thing. I made cinnamon rolls for a few ladies from church. My family was so devastated when they found out they weren't for them. You would have thought I told them they could never eat sugar again! Here's my recipe: Clone of a Cinnabon

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