Thursday, February 22, 2007

What Does My Dentist and Baby Socks Have In Common?

Absolutely nothing! But that's what I'm blogging about today.

I had to go visit my dentist today. Going to Dr. Fawcett is unlike any other dentist you will ever visit. First of all, he's Farrah Fawcett's cousin. How can you not talk about that? He has a picture of Farrah in his waiting room. I highly doubt you'll find that at your mediocre dental office. I even spent a lovely 15 minutes visiting with Farah's grandmother once. She was a spunky little lady who is very proud of all her grandchildren. Even the one who has appeared in Playboy.

Dr. Fawcett's office is a mini mansion. It is far nicer than my home will ever be. John and I are proud that we probably financed the soap dispenser in the bathroom with our dental bills.

Years ago I had a dentist totally mess up one of my front teeth. She tried to "improve" it and in the end my front tooth would fall apart weekly leaving me with a jagged sabertooth. After having a melt down in her office, of which my friend Elizabeth and anyone else in the waiting room was witness to, I called 1-800 dentist and found Dr. Fawcett. He has fixed my tooth and given John and I minty fresh teeth and other treatment every year.

As you walk into the office they greet you by name and a huge smile. It's like they are your long lost relatives! They then offer you a beverage. Everything from coffee, cute little water bottles, or sodas. The waiting room is absolutely gorgeous!

Dr. Fawcett personally came to get me today. He even picked up Devin's carrier and carried it for me. They offer you a head set so you can view whatever TV program you wish. They offer you a blanket just in case you are cold or want to snuggle in the chair as they place scarey items into your mouth.

They are a very high tech office. They all wear microphones and ear pieces as they communicate with each other. "Dr. Fawcett, Katrine is finished with her X-rays." "Katrine is coming to the front now." I'm telling you, there is no sneaking around these people!

After your treatment they even make taking all your money enjoyable. It's amazing how painless it is to part with your money when they smile and act like you are the most important person. Next to Farrah, of course.

And I know Dr. Fawcett will call me personally tonight. He always does to make sure your teeth have recovered. Now I bet your dentist has never done that!

As for baby socks. I think I reached an all time low today as a mother. Devin spit up all over his chin and my hand. I didn't have a burp cloth in reach. So, I took off his little socks and mopped us up with them. Yes, I stripped my baby's piggies so I could get his drool off my hand. Twelve years as a mother, and I just keep on improving.

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 Anonymous said...

I forgot all about Dr. Fawcett! You would think I would be the one with the celebrity dentist, being so close to Hollywood! But, no, once again, Katrine gets all the limelight and the special privileges!

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