Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tuesday Countdown

Yes, I know it's Weds, but I am borrowing the Tuesday countdown list from Sophie. And because I haven't done anything remarkable yet today, it's only 9:20 am, I am going to do the countdown for yesterday.

Ten things I did today:
1. Fed the baby several times
2. Took a shower and got dressed(that's remarkable, believe me)
3. Tried unsuccessfully to fix my scanner
4. Answered email
5. Typed a letter for Madison's "New Beginnings" program
6. Uploaded pictures to be developed
7. Picked up pictures from 1 hour developing
8. Picked up Ethan from preschool
9. Picked up dog's medicine
10. went to a photography class

Nine people I talked with today:
1. Vet's assistant
2. preschool teachers
3. preschool parents
4. Walgreens clerk
5. Jamie
6. Amy
7. Wendy
8. John
9. My children

Eight things I was grateful for today:
1. Devin smiles for no reason
2. Madison finished her TAKS testing
3. John helped Cameron with his homework
4. I learned what I was doing wrong with some picture taking
5. Dr. Pepper
6. My new home
7. DVR
8. A beautiful day so my children can play outside

Seven things I ate today:

1. Breakfast sandwich
2. Tomato rice soup
3. Dr Pepper
4. Cadbury Mini Eggs (it's that time of year again!)
5. Spaghetti
6. Airborne (I feel a cold coming on)
7. There is no 7, that's all she ate folks!

Six things I said today:
1. I love you
2. Have a good day
3. You're the sweetest baby in the world
4. The hardest thing about having children is you have to keep feeding them, and then you turn around and you have to feed them again
5. I'm not feeling so good
6. Thank you

Five things I should have done today that I didn’t get to yet:
1. Fold the towels
2. give the dog a bath
3. give the baby a bath (maybe I could just put them both in the tub at the same time and be done with it!)
4. Roast the chicken
5. Make my bed (who am I kidding, I rarely make the bed)

Four things said to me today:
1. Mom, have you seen my light saber?
2. grunt snort sniff (that's the baby, he never cries, he just grunts)
3. Good job, you get an A!
4. I'm hungry

Three things that shocked me today:
1. The kite is still stuck on the light pole
2. My scanner giving me a difficult time
3. I'm getting sick

Two things that I’ve GOT to do tomorrow:
1. Feed people
2. Clean house

One thing I want to remember about this day:
This quote: "Enough is enough. I'm not going to pass these negative attitudes down to my children. I'm going to break that cycle and change my expectations. I'm going to start believing God for bigger and better things."

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