Monday, February 12, 2007

Keeping Sheep

Can you stand a few more pictures of Devin? I certainly can, and this is my blog, so here he is! With the help of Madison I was able to get photos of Devin smiling his million dollar smile. He's looking to the left because he was smiling at Madison while she tried everything possible to get him to grin.

And in response to Kira's question, yes I think Devin has redish hair. When he was born his hair was quite dark, but it has lightened up and it definately has redish highlights to it. I'm still suprised when everyone comments, "Look at his red hair!" I am proud to say this is a Shelton trait.

Please send good thoughts to my eldest son, Cameron. Life can be so difficult for my little one. He is having a difficult time with school. And none of us seem to know how to help him. I am reading a book called, The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted child. I can't help but feel like the evaluated Cameron and wrote a book about him! For instance it says, "Introverted children are often misunderstood, even by their parents, who worry about them. Engaged by their interior world, they’re often regarded as aloof. Easily overwhelmed by too much stimulation, they can be seen as unmotivated." I need to find more time to read this book because I'm only on page 15 and I really need to know how to "help your child thrive in an extroverted world."

When your child is having problems your skin is very thin and one can feel tender when talking to counselors and teachers. (The Vice Principal even knows me by name!) You just want the best for your child. It is so devastating to feel as if you are failing your child. Today I came across a song posted on another blog. It is called Keeping Sheep. There are many lines that I feel like defines my relationship with my children. But today the part that speaks to my soul today is,

I have a little flock of sheep
And they are mine to tend and keep.
And I must guard them every day
For little lambs, when left alone,
Will lose their way.

I'm only beginning to learn how to do this mothering thing. The diapers, late nights, and daily care is the easy part. The responsibility of guarding them is vital. Because they "are tender gifts the Master has given me." I don't know if I know how to do it.

Valentines is coming. Tonight I am taking my flock to pick out their Valentines cards. I also need to think of something special for my Valentine!


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