Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hey, You're Living My Life!

Have you ever met someone that had the same interests and talents as yourself, but yet they are so much better at everything than you are? I know that person. She enjoys sewing, scrapbooking, and photography like myself. Unfortunately, my work looks like that of a 1st grader next to hers. If she wasn't such a sweetheart I would have to kill her.

I was such a miserable child growing up. I truthfully think a great part of that was due to the fact that I never had anyone patting my back and saying, "Way to go girl! I'm proud of you!" In fact very few people noticed me. I'm not saying that in a bitter way, because I've learned a lot about how I want my children to feel with my relationship with them. I work hard at giving them their kudos. But as a result of how I grew up, I had very little self esteem and confidence in myself.

In high school I stumbled across a book called, The Inside Outside Beauty Book. It was co-written by Miss America Sharlene Wells. I don't even know why I bought it. I guess as a lonely and awkward teenager I was looking for help. This silly little book taught me to not compare myself to others. How hard is that for teenagers! But after I learned that lesson my life improved entirely. I still was the homely child who had one pair of pants to wear to school. But I was no longer that miserable creature who had a bad hair cut because I didn't look to others for my self worth. Instead, I was a happy person with a bad hair cut. There's a big difference!

Even today I am glad that I don't compare myself to others. I look to my friend who has all "my" talents as a source of inspiration. I've already learned so much from her and I hope to learn more.

I'm just trying to live my best life. And there's a lot of room for improvement, and a lot of celebrating to have!

Now, I'm going to order that silly little book for Madison.


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