Friday, February 9, 2007

Devin Smiles

Devin has been charming us with his smiles the last several days. One of the greatest mommy moments you can have is when you are the reciever of your baby's first smile. A true smile that seems to take your child's entire soul and body to create. I love it!

I spent some time trying to capture my little one's smile today. As you can see it is not the easiest talk when he doesn't smile on command when you say "cheese!"

Give me a kiss!

What's that behind me?

Hold on, I've got an itch.

Aaachooo! Mid sneeze photo.

Do you like "see" food?

Awwww! There's a smile. (this is the best photo of his smile I could get. But it still melts my heart!

And for those who watched The Office last night. My favorite part was the very beginning when Jim tried the Pavlov's experiment on Dwight. Hilarious!!!

1 comment:

 Anonymous said...

Sooooooo sweet!!! I saw some Shelton in that face somewhere. He looks so different from just one month ago!Big Bro

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