Saturday, December 23, 2006

We Did It!

We finished our Christmas shopping this morning. Yes, we are always shopping at the last minute. It feels good to be done.

But I forgot to buy egg nog. Do you think I can convince John to go get me some?

The next few days will be busy busy busy.
Sunday - Christmas Eve, church and dinner at our friend's home
Monday - Christmas
Tuesday - Ethan's birthday and John's sweet aunt is coming to visit

And finally, if everything goes the way I would like I will have a baby sometime during the following week. Please!!!! The ribs on my right side are constantly hurting. I used to think the baby had his feet stuck up in them. But now I'm thinking he's got his toes wrapped around my rib and he's holding on for dear life! He doesn't want to leave the comfort of my womb. Sorry little guy, I will soon be serving your eviction notice!

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