Sunday, November 5, 2006

The Quest For The Perfect Name

I enjoy asking Ethan what he thinks we should name the baby because he usually has unique suggestions. First, he had the "Pacifier" stage. Apparantly, this was very sentimental to him becaue whenever Cameron or Madison argued that Pacifier was a horrible name, the poor little guy burst into tears.

Next we had the "Elmo" stage. I think it's a cute name. If I was delivering a dog or a cat. The Elmo period was short lived.

Now this morning Ethan announced that the baby's name would be "Awkward." Yes, that's right, Awkward. I blame this new name entirely upon Madison. Part of her 7th grade vocabulary is the constant use of the word awkward. If there is anything that is odd or uncomfortable she promptly announces, "That's awkward."

Personally, I think having a baby with a name that means "Difficult to handle or manage," is setting yourself up for failure as a mother.

The search continues.

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