Monday, November 6, 2006

I Am Thankful

I am thankful that I was born in a time period where I can enjoy the daily conviences we are blessed with.

1. My car. I love my car. And I love the fact that I can drive in air conditioning with my little ones strapped safely in the back. I would not do well with heat and crying little ones in the back of my handcart. That would make me a grumpy mommy.

2. The epidural. I love the epidural. I dread the time when the pain of labor is so intense that I actually believe that I am dying. But then when I see the good Dr. walk in I know that in 10 minutes I will once again feel as if my body isn't splitting into four pieces. Gotta love the needle. (and just so you know, that's not my bum)

3. The Texas Do Not Call List. It is priceless. Since recieving our new phone number I have been bombarded with telemarketers. They obviously see a new number as fresh meat. Just today I have recieved 8 phone calls. And I got 3 of those in the last 5 minutes. Truthfully, has anyone ever actually purchased anything from someone calling them randomly on the phone? I don't think so!!! Oh, how I love thee do not call registry!

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