Thursday, November 16, 2006

Celebrations and Ch Ch Ch Changes

Look who was here!

My brother Daniel was here with his wife Heidi. Heidi is seriously considering going to a Chiropractic School here. How cool would that be to have one of my brothers living here?! But I'm not strongly and deeply encouraging the idea. No, not me. I don't want to be known as a pushy sister. please please please!
While they were here we celebrated Daniel's birthday and my wedding anniversary. We were so thoughtful back then (13 years ago!) that we got married on my little brother's birthday. And Daniel refused to come to the wedding with the excuse that he couldn't get out of a school play he was the star in. But in reality, he was a wall. Who couldn't get out of being a wall!?! Anyway, here we are 13 years ago, our relationship better than ever.

Several weeks ago my son Cameron was baptized a member of our church. As Mormons, our children are batized at the age of 8. We believe this is the age of accountability when they are aware of wrong and right choices. And believe me I have been using this to my advantage. If he wants to get angry over an Xbox game or doesn't want to help around the house, I can be heard saying, "Cameron, are you choosing the right?" And as he is choosing the right and doing as I ask, I feel powerful!! LOL
Cameron took this stage in his life very seriously and thought through every detail. He is sweet, inteligent, stubborn, and his own person. I love him!

My brother-in-law James returned from Iraq! James is John's brother and it's good to know he's safe and sound at home. And he was interviewed for the SLC news channel. It was fun for us to be able to see him because obviously, we couldn't be there to see him come home. This first link they interview him. First he is seen kissing his wife, and then he is holding his baby while talking about being a dad again. And this one you will see him walking out of the airplane and shaking hands with some important dudes. Welcome home James!

We had our final sonogram. And this blogger thing won't let me post the pictures, I'll try later It was the best ultrasound we've ever had! This little guy was putting on a show for us. We could see him open and close his eyes, move his mouth and tongue around, and wiggle his little feet. We even saw him put his hand to his mouth. I've been feeling a little disconnected from this sweet person, but seeing his body made me feel a little more connected. I'm excited, nervous, overwhelmed, but mostly grateful. A little soul I didn't expect is blessing us with his life. Our Father In Heaven knows me best. I have to have faith in this, because truthfully, I am also feeling overwhelmed.

Well, my job has had some major changes this past week. I have very mixed feelings about the whole thing. I feel like I've tried to be everything to everyone at work and at home, and in the end I've been nothing to anyone. So, I know it's time to reevaluate and refocus my values and priorities. I need to be everything to these people. Note to self: get pictures of John and I with the kids at the same time!

Today, I'm working on a baby blanket. It's past time getting ready for my baby boy. Thanks to my friend Kristin (scroll down to 3rd person) I have found a great stroller and car seat. They seem to be selling for less money on ebay, so I'm watching for a good deal! I took John shopping with me for some baby necessities. The man was bored and didn't like anything. He thinks all baby supplies are a waste of time and money. Um, honey, the baby will need clothes. I finally told him I'd come back without him and spend some serious money! We also needed some new drinking glasses. That man spent 20 minutes opening every box, looking at every glass, selecting the best ones, and then narrowing it down to 3 before he finally picked the perfect glasses. I was so frustrated that he could spend 20 minutes looking at pieces of glass but he couldn't give me 5 minutes to look at baby swings. Oh, well, I can't let it bother me to much because he's always been that way. And he is the best father for my children and that is what is truly important, not the color or type of baby swing we get.

Okay, now back to my regular life. I get to read to Cameron's class today. That always makes a mom look like a hero! And we have to get that whenever we can because it comes along rarely!

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