Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Babe!

It's my man's birthday today!
I'm so thankful for a man who knows what it means to be a father.
I'm thankful for a man who can put together a computer.
I'm thankful for a man who can lift heavy boxes up the stairs.
I'm thankful for a man who massages my swollen feet. (okay, usually I have to beg for that one, but he does it!)
I'm thankful for a man who always comes home to me.

And I'm finding it more and more difficult just to move. I believe I have at least 30 contractions a day. Not fun. But hey, I am now 26 weeks and that is fun. Ethan and Cameron will come up to me, put their hands on my curvacious belly and ask, "How's the baby?"

I know I've been MIA. It takes a lot of energy to pack up a house, move a house, clean a house, and at the same time still feed, clothe, transport everyone. Not to mention work, Dr's appointments, and sleep. But all is good. Very good.

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