Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Walls Have Eyes

So, we've been house hunting. It's not been fun! But I enjoy stepping into someone else's life for a few minutes and seeing how they live.

We went to an open house for a home that is exactly like the floor plan we want to build. Only they had converted the "jack and jill" bathroom into a wet bar, and one of the bedrooms into a media room. The media room was actually pretty cool. It had a projector thing (obviously John knows what he's talking about more than I do!) that showed the movie onto a big screen. The best part for John was the Star Wars Memorbilia. Posters, dolls, action figures, and Space Cruisers. It was as if they created the room for John and our boys!

They used one of the rooms as a guest room. The odd thing is that this room had hundreds of dolls in it. All of them were beautiful, well dressed, and expensive. I like dolls as much as the next girl. But there is something very disturbing about having hundreds of glassy eyes staring at you! I half expected Chucky to jump out at me from the closet!

The funny thing is that we have one room chosen for my studio, or scrapbooking room. I walked into the room and it was a scrapbooking room! So cool! My husband loves my scrapbooks and he knows what I do for my job. But he has never been in a scrapbook room at someone's house. I think he was a little overwhelmed that someone could have a room filled with tools, pictures, and paper. He looked at me and said, "Is this what you're going to do with your room?" You betcha honey! It'll be great!

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