Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Baby's Growing Up

I am amazed at the changes taking place in Ethan. His actions are older and bolder. His conversations are thoughtful and hilarious! The boy is going to be funny! I love that. He is just such a joy. I don't think I've ever met a happier little boy.

If Ethan is bored he will gladly follow any suggestion you make. Unlike my older children! Ethan and Cameron were bored so I suggested bubbles. Cameron sat in the house and sulked, while Ethan had a party for one!

Last week I looked at the window and I was amazed by what I saw! Ethan was swinging by himself! I didn't know that Cameron had taught him how to pump. It was so exciting to see how proud Ethan was of his new skill. And of how proud Cameron was of teaching Ethan how to swing. That brotherly love is so great!

Ethan has been wanting a gameboy like his brother and sister. John had been trying to find one on ebay for a good deal, but there were no good deal's to be found. Yesterday Ethan called John at work (with help from big sister) and told John, "I want a gameboy and gameboy games." I wish you could hear Ethan's funny little voice to understand the effect of his pleas. So, John arrived home from work with a gameboy for the little guy! John felt a little guilty for buying a gift when we're trying to spend money. But as far as I'm concerned he deserves it for being such a happy little guy!

And finally, my other baby is growing also. These pants fit me 3 days ago. Now I can't zip or button them. Notice the elastic looped around the button and button hold to keep my pants up! And never fear, this is the closest you will ever see of me in my undies! ETA: I can't get my picture of me in my undies to upload! Even blogger doesn't want to see that. I'll try again later, keep your panties on!

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