Sunday, April 2, 2006

What's In A Name?

I was linked to this website Baby Names World from Sophia's blog. So here's the names in my family:

John = Hebrew, God is merciful. John is a good strong name. The weird thing is I always thought I would marry a John before I even met him. I also have 3 good friends from high school who all married John's.

Katrine = Surprise, surprise. My name does not exist. I guess I'll have to go to Scotland to find out what my name means!

Madison = German, old English, Son of a Mighty Warrior. Wrong sex people! When we named Madison I didn't know any girls with her name. Now, they're everywhere! I still love her name.

Cameron = old English, bent nose. Poor kid. I like a name with some meaning, but Cameron gets bent nose. It's also listed as a boy/girl name. Nope, it's a boy's name! Thankfully Cameron did not get the Grandma Shelton nose that I'm cursed with.

Ethan = Hebrew/Latin, Strong, firm and constant. Now there's a meaning you can work with. Ethan is my constant companion during the day. Love that little dude.

1 comment:

 Anonymous said...

Bent nose?! That's hysterical!!!Big Bro

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