Sunday, April 2, 2006

What's In A Name?

I was linked to this website Baby Names World from Sophia's blog. So here's the names in my family:

John = Hebrew, God is merciful. John is a good strong name. The weird thing is I always thought I would marry a John before I even met him. I also have 3 good friends from high school who all married John's.

Katrine = Surprise, surprise. My name does not exist. I guess I'll have to go to Scotland to find out what my name means!

Madison = German, old English, Son of a Mighty Warrior. Wrong sex people! When we named Madison I didn't know any girls with her name. Now, they're everywhere! I still love her name.

Cameron = old English, bent nose. Poor kid. I like a name with some meaning, but Cameron gets bent nose. It's also listed as a boy/girl name. Nope, it's a boy's name! Thankfully Cameron did not get the Grandma Shelton nose that I'm cursed with.

Ethan = Hebrew/Latin, Strong, firm and constant. Now there's a meaning you can work with. Ethan is my constant companion during the day. Love that little dude.


 Anonymous said...

Bent nose?! That's hysterical!!!Big Bro

 Anonymous said...

Bent nose?! That's hysterical!!!Big Bro

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